We can assist with advice on venues for an event.

The choice of a venue clearly depends on a client’s preferences and objectives for an event. We love running events in clients’ offices because it helps ensure a good level of attendance, it makes life easy for attendees – and of course it saves the client money! But not every company has a meeting room or space of suitable size, and a good offsite venue can add to an overall experience.

Things to consider when choosing a venue:

  • Access to public transport – people shouldn’t be expected to drive home from a wine event!
  • Venue ambience – some events need a more formal seeting such as a room in a hotel, historic house or club, others are far more suited to function rooms in wine bars or pubs.
  • Size/shape of room – rectangular is best so nobody is hidden round a corner. There should be sufficient space to accommodate the numbers and appropriate furniture to deal with a seated or standing event. Many events require a cabaret style set up with round tables seating groups of 8-10.
  • Acoustics – if more than 40-50 people a public address system will be needed.
  • Lighting – needs to be adequate so people can see what they are drinking, but fitting the degree of informality required!
  • Flexibility and friendliness of venue’s staff – it sounds obvious, but having pleasant staff prepared to go the extra mile makes all the difference to an event!
  • And finally, cost – good venues in city centres don’t come cheap, and many will want to charge corkage if wine is supplied by a third party. Negotiation around other elements such as catering, number of staff required etc can help to keep a budget sensible.

We don’t maintain a list of venues because every client has specific needs for location/size/ambience, but the following venues we have used recently give an idea of the kinds of places we have worked in.

The Court Rooms at Browns Covent Garden – a range of lovely rooms of different sizes in a historic building.

The Hyatt Andaz at Liverpool Street Station offers a variety of stylish rooms accommodating groups of any size.

The Jugged Hare in Chiswell Street, near the Barbican, is a great gastropub with several spaces.

We can suggest other venues in many parts of London, but we advise clients who are seeking more guidance to use a venue finding company.