Guided Wine Walks

Guided Wine Walks

Need a wine event that gives the personal touch and accommodates unpredictable arrival times?

  • For client entertainment.
  • To kick off the evening session of a conference.
  • Any occasion when guests don't have much time and arrive at different times.

A Taste of the Grape Guided Wine Walk creates a perfect opportunity for small groups to get to know each other, and to keep everyone entertained over a flexible period of time.

The host is free to welcome guests, and join individual groups for a drink.

A range of delicious wines (and if desired food) will be tasted, and guests will pick up a lot of information from the wine expert escorting them.

Duration: 30-45 minutes/group
Suits group size 10-50

How it works

As guests arrive they are guided into groups of 6-12, and set off around a series of tasting stations at which they will taste different wines, some of which might be matched with cheese or other food. Each group is escorted by a Taste of the Grape expert who offers authoritative, friendly insights into the wine (and food combinations) being tasted.  Up to five stations will be visited and guests are then free to mingle with their group and others, and as appropriate move on from the wine event.

We find this event works really well at giving a very 'personal touch', and enables a great atmosphere to be created very quickly.

The selection of wines (and food) can be themed to suit the event - find out more.

Anything can be adapted, and we’re very flexible, so why not contact us to discuss your specific objectives.

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