Team Wine Tasting Challenge

Team Wine Tasting Challenge

Need an event to establish or facilitate team building?

  • To introduce new team members to each other.
  • To give established teams a new challenge and build relationships.
  • To encourage a spirit of competition in a relaxed environment.

At a Taste of the Grape Team Wine Tasting event we create a spirited and fun atmosphere, allowing people who work together to relax, see each other in a new light, and form some new relationships.

The competitive element is light-hearted, and everyone can make a contribution – we have run this event for many years and can guarantee that the most knowledgeable team is unlikely to be the winner!

A range of delicious wines will be tasted, and guests will pick up a lot of information as they enjoy themselves.

Duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on size of group.
Suits group size 15-100+

How it works

  • After a welcome drink and any introductions, the Taste of the Grape speaker gives an explanation of how the event works.
  • Attendees join teams, either pre-determined by the client, or self-selected on the night.
  • Teams sit together at tables (ideally 5-8/team), and a team leader is elected (or appointed).
  • Following a light-hearted introduction to wine tasting technique, the competition begins.  Up to four pairs of ‘mystery’ wines are tasted, and multiple choice answer sheets used to identify the team’s view about grape variety, country, year and price.
  • An aroma challenge asks teams to identify some well known aromas associated with wine, and a wine trivia quiz asks teams to put some humorous wine sound-bites to their authors, for example who said “In 1969 I gave up wine and women. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life” 
  • Team answer sheets are gathered in, and in the event of a tie a ‘taste-off’ of a final wine is held between each team’s best taster.
  • The winning team is awarded a prize and the event concludes.

Anything can be adapted, and we’re very flexible, so why not contact us to discuss your specific objectives.

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