Wine Tasting Discovery

Wine Tasting Discovery

Are you looking for a wine event to entertain clients or employees?

  • To reward people for their custom or effort.
  • To introduce them to wines they may never have tasted before, including rare and expensive wines.
  • To link to a theme – for a product launch, conference or training event.

Taste of the Grape's Wine Discovery event is the most ‘educational’ of our wine events, and is appropriate for groups who are keen to learn something new in a relaxed atmosphere.
A range of delicious wines will be tasted, and guests will pick up a lot of information as they enjoy themselves.
For ideas on specific topics, see 'Introduction to Wine Tasting', 'Wine Themed Events', 'Wines with Food'

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Suits group size 5-50

How it works

  • After a welcome drink and any introductions, the Taste of the Grape speaker gives an explanation of how the event works.
  • Attendees sit at cabaret style tables, with tasting sheets, maps and other information.
  • Up to eight wines are tasted.  These could be an eclectic mix, or a selection chosen from a particular country, region or even grape variety – possibly linked to a relevant theme for your company.
  • With the first wine we have a light-hearted introduction to wine tasting technique.
  • Further wines are tasted, singly or in pairs to demonstrate contrasts.  If appropriate small canapes are served to demonstrate food-matching characteristics of particular wines.  A good range of styles and price points will be included in the tasting.
  • With the final wine the facilitator concludes the event, inviting the host to speak if appropriate.

Anything can be adapted, and we’re very flexible, so why not contact us to discuss your specific objectives.

Wine tasting discovery with Taste of the Grape

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