How a wine tasting event works

A Taste of the Grape wine tasting event is fun, entertaining and interactive.

We work with our clients to understand their objectives, and design our events to ensure that everyone, whether they are wine experts or complete novices, learn something and have a great time.

They work particularly well when a change of mood is required – at the end of the working day, during a conference, marking a celebration or milestone.

While every Taste of the Grape wine tasting event is different, and tailored to the needs of our clients, most events we run follow a similar structure:

  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Short introduction from Taste of the Grape wine expert explaining how the evening will work
  • Introduction to wine tasting technique (with wine of course!)
  • Putting our new knowledge to practice by sampling a number of other wines, individually, in teams or in a networking environment.
  • Taste of the Grape wine speaker rounds off the event, awarding prizes to any winners if a competitive element is required (generally the less knowledge people have the more likely they are to win!).
  • Guests continue with informal drinks/food or progress to dinner as agreed with client.

An entire wine tasting event takes no more than two hours, and can be stand alone or part of a bigger event.

In addition to straightforward Wine Tastings, we run events that support Team Building and events that facilitate Networking.

Topics we regularly cover in our wine tasting events include:

Wine tasting event

Introduction to wine tasting

Wine tasting event

Great wines from … Country, Region, Grape Variety Tastings

Wine tasting event

Wine with food (even chocolate!)